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Virtual Learning Group 2nd Session

Teleport Board Castor's Retreat

Students teleported to different locations in their groups

After updating all our computers to the latest version of Second Life (2.5) we were able to solve the sound issues we had in the first session.  We met on the LSE island Castor’s Retreat and sent the students off in pairs and small groups to different locations on the island via the Teleport Board (see photo above). As the students are part of the “Opening Learning Group” we can send them all notecards and notices in one click. We used this function to send them notecards with questions, vocabulary and suggestions for disscussion on the articles they had prepared in both French and English. For the first 30 minutes the discussion was in French, then half-way through the session we sent out a notice announcing the discussion should continue in English.

This session was smoother than the first because there were few technical issues and we attempted to give the session a clearer structure. The students are also now becoming more familiar with the platform. However, a few things did go wrong such as the teleport board transporting some avatars into the sea instead of the correct location and students flying off to explore the island instead of staying with their group. I look forward to Session 3 which will have a similar structure and this week’s articles will be on the theme of cultural stereotyping.


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