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Daily Archives: March 17, 2011

Virtual Learning Group 4th Session

Two avatars discussing "The Evolution of Language"

Two avatars discussing "The Evolution of Language"

Despite major technical difficulties on the French side, it was another good session. The theme was “The Evolution of Language” and again, while monitoring the groups, I heard some very good discussions. Not all the English students turned up so the groups were made up of one English student and two French students. This seemed to work well despite several of the French students’ avatars regularly disappearing; they were having major problems with some of their computers which kept on crashing. We are not sure whether this was due to the Second Life upgrade; upgrades can be a real problem as all the computers in the Language Centre study area have to be updated, which is a lengthy process and can have a knock on effect producing technical problems on the platform.

Interesting comments from the discussion on “The Evolution of Language”

  • Technology, especially social networking, has changed the way we speak
  • We use a lot of Frenglish such as “Je te phone” and “Je suis aware”
  • We use many more abbreviations now when we write, due to texting
  • “Google” is now a verb!

Leading to some discussions about the use of technology in general:

  • Should cell phones be banned in work meetings?
  • Do we have less freedom now our mothers can text us to ask us where we are?