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Digital Storytelling in French and Spanish

Tips for creating a Digital Story: theme “My Holiday”

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2nd School Visit for Routes into Languages Project

Last week’s visit to Trinity Catholic High School in Woodford to teach year 8 students Digital Storytelling was very successful. The students showed great enthusiasm for the project and seemed to grasp the concept of the digital story very well. A theme of “My School” was chosen for the French group so their teacher could send the stories to their exchange school in Bordeaux. The Spanish group could be a bit more creative with the theme “My Holiday”; groups created stories about a previous holiday or a dream trip; some chosing unusual destinations such as the moon.. very imaginative!

Improved Preparation and Materials

This time we had more language materials prepared, including a handout of useful phrases in French and Spanish. Through liaising with the teachers before the workshop we could assess the level of the students and ensure that they would cover the chosen themes; as a result they were already familiar with the language and vocabulary. The students had in fact been picked for their language ability; they had not yet chosen their GCSEs and their teachers were keen to encourage them to take up languages by involving them in innovative activities such as this.

Language Supervision

Despite my rusty French I was able to help correct the students’ scripts; only one French teacher was available. The afternoon’s Spanish group was well catered for with myself and two Spanish teachers on hand to correct scripts before recording began. Most of the students were very willing to write everything in the target language and seemed to enjoy recording their voices. I was particularly impressed by their level, in particular the Spanish group’s accents.

The above slideshow has some screen shots from the students’ stories.

I’ll let the students say the rest: (quotes from their feedback forms)

  • “I liked linking Spanish to ICT and learning Spanish in a new way”
  • “It was fun and it improved our Spanish vocab”
  • “I liked that we got to work in groups and help each other improve our pronunciations”
  • “It opens up more ideas and information about languages”
  • “It showed me the fun side of languages”
  • “Now I know that I can speak French and that it wasn’t hard”
  • “Working together improved my confidence when speaking Spanish”
  • “You find out that you can use the language to do lots of different things”

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  1. Glenn May 29, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    Really informative blog.
    Hope you keep it going!


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