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Why Languages Matter

Do languages matter?

Above is a short film which was shown at the beginning of the event “Why Languages Matter”, hosted by the LSE Language Centre on 8th March. The footage was taken by a group of students, who went around the campus one day to interview students about the languages they spoke and why languages were important to them. I edited the footage and made it into a short film.

The event was attended by around 80 people, both students, teachers and language professionals from Universities and other organisations. A round table discussion on the importance of language learning was held and the panel discussed issues such as the following:

  • Are monolingual Brits at a disadvantage?
  • Is English really enough?
  • Should a language qualification be compulsory for university entry and be re-introduced in all schools until 16?
  • Which are the languages for the new century?
  • Is language learning just about employability?
  • What do we mean by intercultural communication?
  • Is the future Multilingual?

If, like myself, you believe in the importance of language learning, here is some information on a new campaign to promote languages, which has just been launched:


No seriously.. Languages matter!

On a more serious note, below is a video which was produced by the UNESCO Liaison Office in New York. It was made to raise awareness of the importance of language learning. Note the section (around 3.15 on the video) on linguistic diversity and cyberspace.

The Interpreter: Catherine Tate

Not very PC but very funny! This video was shown by my Italian teacher in one of our classes; she wanted to show us the importance of using hand gestures when speaking Italian: